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‘This Is About Freedom’: The Argument Against Medicare for All
by If You Can Keep It
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  • Dennis
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    A Medicare for all plan or single payer system ( verbose way of saying socialized) is doomed for failure for many reasons including cost. Access would be a huge factor as more likely to ‘tap’ into system for things that don’t necessarily require a doctor’s visit. This was and is seen by ER’s now with indigent care. Waiting times would increase, continuity of care would decrease over time. Denial of care would increase with aging members of the population. The real reason for all the uproar over healthcare has still never been addressed and that is indigent healthcare, the real hidden reason for Obamacare. A proposal was made 5 years ago for a system that could provide $700 billion yearly in indigent care at no taxpayer expense yet this was never forwarded because the power and decision making process for the care was taken out of the hands of the bureaucracy

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