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‘This Is About Freedom’: The Argument Against Medicare for All
by If You Can Keep It
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  • Leslie

    Poorly moderated debate that should have asked about candidate Healthcare proposals (coverage, costs, passing legislation in Congress, etc) but never did, and now this poorly worded Countable question so I will frame the issue but not vote! I support Medical Care for all but not Medicare for All as the price tag is $3 Trillion dollars/year while tax receipts are only $3 Trillion/year. Adding a Public Option to the ACA costs $12 Billion/year & can be funded by scaling back military spending. In addition not everyone wants to be on Medicare. Part A provides 80% of in hospital care. Part B covers doctors visits and is paid with a quarterly premium of ~$400 (~$1200 annual), and is income adjusted. Part D for drugs is separate insurance, as is dental, vision, etc. If we look at the Canadian System which has 1/10th the population it cost $300 Billion/year supporting the $3 Trillion/year estimate for the larger US population. Canadians make about $60,000/year and pay about $6,000/year for their health insurance so expect to pay about 10% of your salary a year toward a Medicare for All Program on top of higher taxes (Canadian average tax rate of 28% versus the US average tax rate of 18%). It is less costly, faster & easier to convert those lacking coverage or not satisfied with their coverage to a Public Option to the ACA ($12 billion/year) than forcing everyone into a government one size fits all Medicare for All ($3 Trillion/year)!

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