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‘Democrats Take a Huge Risk if We Just Substitute One Arrogant Billionaire for Another’: Key Quotes From the Nevada Debate
by Causes
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  • Margaret
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    Another Billionaire, Give us a break. There should be a law that you can not exceed more than 200,000 of your own money. Having enormous sums of money should never become what chooses our presidents. It creates an unfare advantage. If an individual makes more every year than 125 million American citizens it is obscine. No matter how many people donate to a middle class candidate, they will never have enough money to compete in the media. Tragic for our tyranical future where money became qualification for presidential. The making of a great leader and protector of our democracy is a person of moral character. Money only creates a gulf between the haves and have nots. This gulf takes a great diplomat and thinker to bridge that devide. We want heroic statesmen and women who have dedicated their lives to public office to bid for president. Not alienated billionairs.


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