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Roger Stone Sentenced to More Than 3 Years in Prison - Do You Support the Sentence?
by Axios
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  • Roland
    Voted Oppose

    Americans, this is about the rule of law, period. Nothing done in America, nor should anyone be above the law! No one here is greater than the law. And if you take oath to uphold and execute the laws and you do neither, you are unfit for the public trust. Bastardizing the rule/acceptance of law is a crime against the United States of America and should subject individual 1 to jail. Domestic terrorists such as stone and OTHERS found guilty by jury of peers DESERVE to be punished for crimes against America! 40 months, how about 400 months for his part in conspiracy to harm America and Americans? There are OTHERS who should not be allowed to hold the pubic trust including some members of congress who have supported the assault on America by individuals of this ilk, by megaphone, whisper, or silence. America deserves better!God bless the United States of America.

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