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‘Democrats Take a Huge Risk if We Just Substitute One Arrogant Billionaire for Another’: Key Quotes From the Nevada Debate
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    If I was going to support one of these candidates, it would be between Pete or Amy, they are the only two that represents what I believe the Democrat Party has stood for over the years. Micheal is a Republican turned Democrat just to become President. He thinks he can buy the nomination and the office! Bernie Is an registered Independent running as a "Democrat-Socialist". Is the Democrat Party so desperate to let an Independent run as a democrat? Elizabeth is also a "Democrat-Socialist" and has a history of not telling the truth. These two are millionaires who made all of their money while on a Senator's salary! And they want you to believe that they are against their fellow Millionaires and Billionaires! RIGHT! Joe is a washed up Democrat that has been caught selling his influence while in office as Vice President. If this is all the better that Party can do, they are in trouble! What happened to the Democrat Party of JFK? Long gone. These people are after nothing but self power! History has shown that the democrats have made promises over the last 20 some years with out any intentions of fulfilling any of them.

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