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‘Healthcare Is a Human Right’ – The Case for Medicare for All
by If You Can Keep It
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  • burrkitty
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    You mean the violent right wing gun-cult nut-jobs conducting cultural appropriation of Latin and Black music and dance? Again. Like reverse Helter Skelter + dark internet fringe crazies. Yeah, it’s really pathetic. Cowards who can’t win with logic arguments or acknowledge ethics screaming on the internet that they will resort to stupidity, violence, and barbarism. IF any troll actually gets their internet bully cojones out to the real world... well... A. Police aren’t soft targets, morons. B. We have guns too and self defense is legal, morons. C. Police are literally just the first option on the list of America’s killing specialists. Morons. Just Morons. We’ve got some pretty hard right folks on here and I question their thought process A LOT, but I don’t think they are THAT stupid.

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