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‘Litany of Corruption and Scandals’ – What Makes a Terrible President?
by If You Can Keep It
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  • Colleen
    Voted Yes

    Webster’s dictionary definition of a bad president = DJT, pronounced Donald John Trump, the saddest excuse for a human being ever! Qualities that disqualify him from the American Presidency = cult leader, narcissistic, misogynistic, stupid, ignorant (of his job, history, anti-science etc), greedy, guilty, vengeful, corrupt, pardoner of scumbags, anti-environmental, anti-institution, tyrannical, despotic, ruiner, inflexible, weakness of character, jealousy, delusions of grandeur, psychosis, hateful, liar, comb-over, terrible public speaker etc. etc. etc. This anti-president needs to GO ASAP! This country CANNOT TAKE FOUR MORE YEARS OF THIS CLOWN! #VoteHimOut

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