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‘Healthcare Is a Human Right’ – The Case for Medicare for All
by If You Can Keep It
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  • Joseph
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    As a once licensed insurance agent, I understood exactly why FEMA underwrote & re-insured all qualified flood, fire, earthquake & hurricane insurance policies: no insurance company can bear the financial burden of catastrophic losses. NONE! Not even if they all took a small piece of each policy. The US government must provide the financial backstop for any & all potential catastrophic policies. Well, every human being on this planet is a potential catastrophic loss in regards to health insurance. No single, or multiple, insurance company can bear that financial burden alone — especially if ALL citizens are to be insured NO MATTER WHAT! The US government must be the underwriter of all healthcare insurance policies with a single payer system with all codes claims paperwork etc consistent. We have ample precedents with universal healthcare that we can observe & cherry-pick from, but in the long run, it will be completely worth it! After that, we attack as a society the overall high cost of medical school, malpractice insurance, and healthcare care costs where the Medicare for All policy falls short or doesn’t “fix” unnecessary & frivolous high costs just for profits sake. A government backed single payer system would require transparency & accountability across the medical profession, medical equipment manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries, and then regulate wherever discrepancies occur to insure that an aspirin or an x-ray costs the same no matter where you get them across the US. Every citizen may also choose, if they have the means, to insure themselves in whatever capacity they want. They’ll just be double paying, but again, that is their choice. The Medicare for All must include: health insurance & wellness checks, all NECESSARY medical procedures & subsequent PCP specialist referrals (urologist, podiatrist, neurologists, orthopedist, etc), emergency & trauma care, dental check-ups & NECESSARY procedures, vision check-ups & NECESSARY procedures & equipment (glasses, contacts, etc) hearing check-ups & NECESSARY procedures, dermatological check-ups & NECESSARY procedures. Voluntary &/or elective procedures NOT TRULY NECESSARY or an integral part of the diagnosis-prognosis-treatment process cannot be covered. These would include breast augmentation not already associated with a diagnosis & treatment plan such as breast cancer or breast reduction; dental veneers for cosmetic purposes only & not health related, plastic surgery not associated with a diagnosis & treatment plan such as surgery due to burns or trauma, etc. Anyone may elect to have these procedures, but they must self-pay for these. The same would apply to equipment, pharmaceuticals, and anything else related to the elective procedure. The last, and possibly most important requirement to transition to Medicare for All is the communication & message put out by all. Lies, propaganda and misinformation serves NO ONE! And I expect a fight from the greed obsessed profit mongers of this industry that have enjoyed almost unlimited profits & unchecked power for decades. They will not give up what they have created easily. But then again, it was never about people or healthcare to them. It was about money & the perks that came with it. So full support & good communication will be the only things that will combat misinformation & propaganda. Also, check out the Medicare for All segment from the 2/16/2020 episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. He makes excellent points to contradict what the healthcare industrial complex wants you to worry about. This IS doable & long, LONG overdue! Please for once, put people before profits (or campaign donations). Thus is far more important than any of us realize.

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