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The DC: Bloomberg joins tonight's Democratic debate, and... 🏆 Your favorite fictional U.S. president is...
by Causes
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  • KansasTamale

    TickTock. I’m not a Constitutional scholar, but I think the electoral college would have to be eliminated thru an amendment or rewrite of the part that included it. The writers were trying to create a safety net for delegates to be able to correct an elected president the founders thought was bad for the country. The problem is it has become so gerrymandered by the Republicans that the electoral college does not work anymore - or we wouldn’t have Trump. There is a way around it & many progressive states have gone that direction, changing their election process to give ALL votes to the candidate who wins their state. Not sure if that would have worked to keep Trump out if office or not. The groupings for voting by states would work if gerrymandering were eliminated. Used to be every state was divided evenly according to population so everyone’s vote counted. Somewhere along the line the republicans got that changed so the PARTY does the dividing. That could easily be changed back so that a bipartisan group could again do the division by population.

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