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What Trump’s Budget Projects for the Economy & the National Debt
by Causes
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    The national debt needs to be addressed. Why? Because debt is supposed to be an investment. We are currently at roughly 20 trillion dollars in debt (depending on what numbers you go by) and counting. The point of debt is to make an investment that will yield a return. If the investment is not making a return or the debt isn't being paid off, there is a problem. By spending excessively, we incur more debt that is not a tool, but a burden on the country, leading to higher and higher taxes which can strain the economy and lead to unhappiness/discontent among the people. The U.S., for all this deficit spending, is not seeing any return from its investments, and therefore, the debt must be managed and eliminated. And as anyone who runs a business can tell you, the only way to eliminate debt incurred by overspending is to cut expenses until spending is less than income. By cutting spending, the Federal Government would be able to start fighting back at this staggering debt and also by cutting certain programs put Congress back within the restrictions on its powers as outlined by Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution and the Tenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.


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