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Sanders & AOC Propose Fracking Ban - Do You Agree?
by Causes
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  • Cynthia
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    Fossil fuels are dangerous, in and of themselves, now oil industries want to destabilize the very ground we stand on, have our houses on, in order to raise their profits. I live in Florida, where sink holes eat up whole rooms of houses WITH PEOPLE THEM!!! So, do I think destabilizing the ground more is a good idea? HECK NO!!! Sinkholes and earthquakes happen all across America, even in the very center of our country, so no one is immune from the consequences of fracking which includes the release of dangerous gases into our air and water, underground fires that require evacuating whole cities, earthquakes, sinkholes in dry ground and under waterways (lakes, rivers), and the possible activation of volcano systems. And to those of you who think I’m being an alarmist..... All of those things, except the activation of volcano systems, have already happened. Think hard before you support fracking, it will affect more people than just you or your family and friends. It could effect whole communities or even whole cities. And once these effects of fracking have been unleashed, it is hard to say how long those bad effects will last or how far it’s effects may be felt.

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