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What Makes a Great President?
by If You Can Keep It
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  • Pascale
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    The qualities all great leaders share are those of TRUE patriotism; not the self-serving kind, Empathy for everyone; not just for supporters. Honesty; I realize that for most politicians, honesty is a difficult concept. Hard work which is done in a real office, not on a golf course. Diplomacy skills. The skills required to "make nice" with even the most obnoxious ally or enemy. In other words, a great leader doesn't call another country a, "Shit hole" even if it is one, or bomb it because h/she wants publicity. Lack of bigotry and a willingness to learn about different cultures, races, creeds. It's important that a leader understands what makes a country function in a healthy and inclusive way and goes about trying to achieve it. There are more qualities, I'm sure I've forgotten some, but, one very important quality is one of humility or a lack of narcissism!

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