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What Trump’s Budget Projects for the Economy & the National Debt
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  • Marylynn
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    Funny how the lowlife in the White House gets credit for a so called great economy, when our national debt is skyrocketing. Since he was elected it's increased by 2 trillion dollars, that's a lot of money folks and I think more light should be shed on this subject since the loud mouth keeps claiming he's done such a "great job".... Well, I guess since he doesn't pay any taxes he doesn't care what the national debt is. He'll walk away from this job like he walked away from, his 4 bankruptcies with a boat load of money. He's a lowlife con-man who never should've been elected in the first place. I hope the media starts covering more about the national debt, so that voters are truly informed that the lowlife in the White House spends money like there's no tomorrow.


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