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Missouri 'Heartbeat' Abortion Law Temporarily Blocked by Federal Judge
by Causes
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  • Leah
    Voted Yes

    IF YOU AGREE WITH THIS POST SHARE IT! MAYBE SOMEONE WHO CAN MAKE DECISIONS WILL SEE IT!!! With so many medical advances, there is absolutely no reason there should be abortions! Period! Now I agree that there are many things that need to be put in place so abortion is never needed. Things like readily easy to attain birth control of all kinds, 5yr, 3yr, pills, the morning after pill etc. & honestly even sterilization should be available if someone doesn’t ever want kids. These are ALL pro choice! You get to choose wether you want to have a child or not BEFORE it is conceived! MURDERING a baby is not okay! I don’t care what anyone says! & I had 3 children without any medications! Yes, one I was 17, and believe me, I was scared, didn’t have anything to my name! BUT guess what?! I grew up, and I took care of my children! The process made me stronger and a better person dependent on Jesus! There are a lot of things that need to be put into place at the same time as making it illegal. Things like putting the money that we spend on abortions every year to make it free in most cases and easy to get for all kinds of birth control. We need to have incentives for people to hire pregnant or woman that just had a child, we need a mandatory 6 week paid maternity leave so mothers don’t loose the homes etc that they have while having a child (there should never be a choice between having a child and loosing everything), there should be free child care for a little while while mother gets her feet in a job (and less expensive after according to income), there should be care packages that you can order that contains the basic needs to care for a child for people with less income, there are a lot of things that we could do to make things easier for the mother who chooses life! & things in place for people who don’t want children! There is a good way of giving people the freedom of choice WITHOUT MURDER OF INNOCENT BABIES!!!! I am so fed up with the way people think! Babies are a precious gift from God! If people don’t want them, then do what needs to be done to not have them. & if for some reason someone did have birth control, etc. we NEED to make it easier for people to adopt! You should see the red tape it takes to adopt! Yes, we need to make sure someone is mentally, physically, and capable of adopting... but it shouldn’t be a huge ordeal & cost a ton of money! There are really good people who would love to adopt, but just don’t have the time or funds to jump through all the hoops!


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