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Graham: GOP Will Investigate Whistleblower, Bidens After Impeachment Trial – Do You Support a Probe?
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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  • Tony
    Voted Yes

    OK, I'm gonna make this easy for the LIBTARDS to understand...…..YOU own a business. A person you do business with comes in and tells you his kid needs a job. You know his kid is a former Drug addict that got kicked out of the Navy and his wife has asked for a divorce. But, this guy has a huge influence and is necessary to your business, so you give his kid a job. The guys kid starts making some pretty shady deals and he's getting kick backs from some of the people your company's doing business with. To keep the kid's father from giving you problems, you look the other way. Then, the Government finds out that the kid you hired is a crook. He's is making under the table deals and pocketing big cash for doing it. So the Government gets a Prosecutor involved. It looks like this kid is in trouble and your company will have to answer for it. The kid's father hears that his son may get indicted and arrested for what he's been doing so the father gets on a plane, goes into the Government and tells them, they have 6 hours to "get his kid off the hook." If they don't, the MONEY they were supposed to get won't be coming and that's that. SO, because the government needs that money, they close down the case against the kid and fire the prosecutor. Your company is safe and so is the kid. THEN, the father gets on NATIONAL TV and BRAGS about he shook down the government to get his kid off the hook. Now, IN ANY COURT OF LAW, what the kid's father did is called EXTORTION and BRIBERY. But if you're a DEMOCRAT, and because the father is running for the PRESIDENCY of the United States, you make it seem like no crime was committed. So I'm looking at the POLL here on countable and I realize. THERE ARE A BUNCH OF MORONS who actually think that JOE BIDEN shouldn't be investigated for what he did to get his kid HUNTER out of a jam. The majority actually believe that JOE BIDEN is innocent. But I can assure YOU my "Democrat Libtard" friends. IF YOU or any member of your family had done what JOE BIDEN did? You would be sitting in a FEDERAL PRISON for the next 25 YEARS!


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