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Trump's Budget Proposal: Do You Support Cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security?
by Axios
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  • Jeffrey
    Voted No

    What kind of a person picks on children and disabled people? Trump and republicans, that's who. As a disabled person who struggles to survive on the meager few dollars they pay, I am insulted to watch needed Medicaid get raped by the same president that gives government money to the top 1 percent like it's candy. The people that need help are always the ones to pay the highest cost. I worked many years, paid plenty of taxes, now that I'm most vulnerable the president is looking to rob me of what little I get after all I've been through. So he can make his rich healthy pals richer. Wow, that is not the actions a moral society engages in. I pray trump doesn't win because that will be the death of me and many others. Move over Hitler, you have some competition for most vile human being to ever walk the earth. Get out and vote for our lives.

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