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Border Officers to Team Up With ICE in Sanctuary City Crackdown - Do You Support the Crackdown?
by Axios
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  • Caroline
    Voted Oppose

    ICE needs to be abolished! We’re not a thug nation that this current administration has made it into. Our country needs to be reset back to prior January 20, 2017. Stephen Miller, Jeff Session, William Barr, Donald Trump, and many more need to be charged with cruelty to humans, causing the deaths of asylum seekers, denying representation in court, deporting US citizens and green card holders, illegally detaining US citizens and green card holders at US borders just because their ethnic background, etc. The GOP in Congress need to be charged with treason for not upholding the Constitution. The atrocities keep piling up everyday they all remain in office. Anyone who cares about the State of the Union must vote Blue, otherwise you’re only endorsing the current administration’s and the GOP’s nefarious practices.

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