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Trump Says He Has 'Legal Right' to Ask Barr to Intervene in Criminal Cases - Do You Agree?
by Axios
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  • Sue
    Voted No

    Trump is heading more and more towards fascism and turning the U.S. into a monarchy. We must stop this crazy man and his unlawful and paranoid (add your adjective here) behavior. How ANYONE can continue to support this narcissist is unbelievable. Just because the economy he inherited is good right now does not mean we can ignore the many lies, abnormal behavior, political vegence, abuse of power, (add his multiple other dangerous actions here). Rule of law is crumbling under his “reign”. His tight grip on the people that work for him keep their lips firmly attached to his butt. He is a horrible human and he is causing severe damage to our nation and democracy. #votehimout #accountability #saveourdemocracy. #nofascism #nomonarchy #lyingliar #whathashedoneforyou?

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