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Patrick Henry: The Constitution Allows the U.S. to ‘Squint Towards Monarchy’ – Time for a New Constitution?
by If You Can Keep It
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    [Should be No to so-called “Reboot.”] Re: Reboot of the US Constitution Reading @JimK’s and @burrkitty’s comments (see the link @burrkitty provided to the 2013 Atlantic article) I am convinced that the US Constitutuion really does need a refresh. I do have a superhuge HOWEVER. At this time in our history we have much larger and pervasive systemic problems and much larger political differences to contend with. Getting changes that, say Moderates and Progressives who tend towards a truly representative type of democracy and issues like fair compensation and equal pay, and voting rights not to mention universal health care and free kindergarten to graduate school education will be blocked by a coalition of Social Conservatives, Large Corporations and a number of Uber-Wealthy who actually prefer codifing the ever growing Oligarchic tendencies and the dark trends within Capitalism. Since I see no reason to have a realistic belief that opening up an New Constitutional Convention to examine each provision section by section at this time that will result in a real improvement, I say KEEP plugging away at incremental changes. Also, be mindful of the importance (and dangers) of having a government where the president and both house of congress are in alignment as oposed to in opposition. Perhaps, one day in the distant future (like Star Trek’s vision of the 24th Century United Federation) we will get a better constitution and a government with competence, honesty, justice and integrity.

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