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Trump Says He Has 'Legal Right' to Ask Barr to Intervene in Criminal Cases - Do You Agree?
by Axios
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  • Glowurm
    Voted No

    Right, Ticktock! So true. We are now seeing how the Republicans have dumbed-down our children and grandchildren by cutting education so badly, as well as allowing books in school that do not tell the truth. Then there are the bigoted teachers, who would dress up in classes to mock and insult immigrants or people of another color than their own. They do not hold back children, who are not ready for the next grade, because they do not want to embarrass them! Well, it embarrasses them more when they’re in a classroom they are not prepared for and which, also, sets them up for more failure in the future. Don’t get me wrong. I have great respect for all those great teachers. I believe they are VASTLY underpaid overall. We have dropped, considerably, in rank among the other countries. We have the brightest and the best, but we are losing them because of our Repugnant’s neglect. It must STOP. TAKE THE TAX EXEMPTIONS FROM THE VERY WEALTHY AND THEY MIGHT HAVE A CHANCE! And this is what the Repugnants planned for. We now have half the populace, that have not been adequately taught, believing the lies they toss to them, because they were never taught how things SHOULD be.

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