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What Trump’s Budget Projects for the Economy & the National Debt
by Causes
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    The National Debt has to be addressed by electing more #RealRepublicans and #ConservativeModerateDemocrats. #BernieSanders is an #ExtremeRadicalLEFTSocialist who will further bankrupt #OurCountry🇺🇸 I live in #Illinois, the #MostEconomicallyDysfunctionalStateInTheUnion, due to #DemocratSpendthrifts. In Illinois Congressional District 3, #IL03, I ran for United States Congress, as a #WriteInCandidate in 2018 as a kind, caring Constitutional Conservative. We have to balance the budget; however, priorities, as far as making sure that Our Country’s military stays strong, is important. President Trump🇺🇸 has done a great in leading Our Country by making sure that we are Military Ready, which makes us stronger. The best defense is the best offense. Having the best technology and military might, serves as a deterrent to war. We need to spend money wisely and invest in military technology that is defensive in nature. If we cannot knock out an incoming nuclear bomb, and minimize its destruction, we better invest more in these type of capabilities. So please, spare me the nonsense that President Trump🇺🇸 is overspending. President Obama was a Democrat Spendthrift. One last comment, lose that Socialist, Bernie Sanders. His socialist ideas will cost #US🇺🇸 $98,000,000,000,000.00. Good Luck Congressman Lipinski🇺🇸 defeating #ExtremeMarie, Marie Newman, an #ExtremeRadicalSocialist who will destroy and bankrupt Our Congressional District 3, #IL03 #InGodWeTrust🇺🇸 With Sincere and Kind Regards, #DoctorY🇺🇸 #DocY🤔 #IL03

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