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Thousands of Fetuses Hoarded by Deceased Abortion Doctor Buried in Indiana
by Causes
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  • Leslie
    Voted No

    To add one more hurdle to a legal procedure is an onerous burden for the individual having the abortion. The zygote that is removed is the size of a blood clot. What costs are involved in the respectful disposal? Would the same rules apply to women having miscarriages? I’ve had two miscarriages, both at 6-8 weeks. The discharge from the miscarriage was like a heavy period. How do you think I was to supposed to sort through and capture what I was expelling into the toilet? The emotional upheaval from having that experience was traumatic enough, but to add one more task to deal with would have been cruel. I went on to have two healthy, much wanted children. Leave all the details and the decisions to the medical professionals and the women involved. Women have born so much shame about the natural functions of their bodies. Any more interference into a woman’s decisions by the state are just too much.

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