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Barr: Trump’s Roger Stone Tweets 'Make It Impossible for Me to Do My Job'
by Axios
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  • Christopher
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    There's no possibility of rational negotiations with these demonicrats as they are criminally insane and live in a delusional world of their own manifestation where there's no compromising with their inverted reality. Down to earth forensic facts challenging their dramatizations are meaningless arguments as their's is the only truth even though they are all pathological liars. We see their psychopathological political arts in projection of their own dark souls and evil deeds onto their imagined opponents thereby misdirecting public attention away from their own morbid crimes. What they do is all a scripted act - a storyline to fit their evil agenda - where real world 'inconvenient facts' or common laws don't matter. Their lying demonstrates their utter contempt for the American People and they won't stop until they are arrested in their tracks!


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