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Barr: Trump’s Roger Stone Tweets 'Make It Impossible for Me to Do My Job'
by Axios
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  • Tony
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    What did Trump "tweet?" He was happy that Barr got involved in the Stone case. That's all I saw and in communicating with many on pro-Trump social media pages, that's all they saw. I tried to trace this "report" back to where it originated. I couldn't. DID Barr make this comment? Possible but highly unlikely. In the past 3 plus years, one of the many achievements TRUMP has made is exposing the Corporate Controlled Liberal Propaganda Media. For decades, the media in our country has been controlling what candidates actually get to run for office and which get thrown in the gutter. They did this in 2016. On BOTH sides! The DNC in cooperation with the media, got the popular Sanders campaign all but shut down in favor of "Hillary." In fact, if you look back, the media was "touting" Hillary all along. They did the same thing with Trump. The media came right out of the box with JEB BUSH. Touting the "Bush dynasty" as a reason the elect the loser. When Bush got ruined by Trump's exposure, they went to a real loser, Marco Rubio. He too went into the toilet. Since then, it was giant smear campaign to malign Trump. The media went so far as to convict Trump before, during and after the Mueller "probe." When that didn't pan out, they went with the "Ukraine" deal. NEVER bothering to question as to what BIDEN and his SON had done. Or the fact JOE BIDEN shook down the Ukrainians to get his son out of a jam. What we're seeing now, is that the media's support for BIDEN in this election, has been NEGATED! Even the "Socialist Liberals" (formerly Democrats) aren't putting up with the Media "control" over who will be the "candidate." SO, this alleged "comment" made by Barr is just another "distraction" (and likely a falsehood) being perpetrated by a media who is DESPERATE to "fix" yet another election. Using "disinformation" and out of context comments as "FACTS" to support their agenda.

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