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Barr: Trump’s Roger Stone Tweets 'Make It Impossible for Me to Do My Job'
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  • Matt
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    People on this site might benefit from another perspective of reality. Most should be in agreement by now that the majority of media is not truthful and weaves narratives for our mind control. Step out for a bit to see what reality those who are on the other side of your understanding see. A whole other reality exists. Which is real? Try a few days at the X22 report on youtube. Just one of quite a few sources of the other reality. More than a few explanations of seemingly unbelievable stupidity may be explained. A chance to see what may really be going on behind the narrative that explains what the heck is going on in the minds of the "idiots", like Trump. If you are here, clearly you care about your world, your nation and your fellow humans. So, know where many of your fellow humans are coming from. Take a look.


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