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Trump's Budget Proposal: Do You Support Cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security?
by Axios
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  • Lynne

    Soory I hit the wrong button. E. Warren says she will restore Doctor's rights to practice without fear of going to jail or losing everything they have. The CDC and DEA have forced doctors out of business. Abondoning their patients in pain. After being sick since age 11. My doctor was sent a letter telling him if he treated pain, he would lose his surgucal rights. After 20 yrs of a reasonable Quality of life, I was forced into a Pain Management. Were I was accused of taking a drug I never took. Demanding answers, I was told that it never happened. I started recording my appts. At each my BP, vitals were taken, but not relayed to the PA. The doctor I finially saw after about 10 months. He gave me a shot in my back standing up, which kept me in beds for days. Begged to see him again and was refused. On every recording right up to November, when BP was 173 over 104. They never told the PA, so when I was checking out I asked about it. I was put back in a room where the PA said, "It's pain related, but there is nothing we can do. Go home and lay down." I also ask have you had time to read my medical file. The answer is always NO! As I said all this is recorded and a very small part of a bigger picture. I go to bed every night praying I don't wake up. I have an inoperable condition I have 2 doctor, both for over 20 years. They say I am undermedicated. But the law want let them help. Now with bed sores, I have called Senator Lindsey Graham's office 6 times and given the run around. He has yet to contact me, even tho he helped me get my disability. And I was on a much higher dosage of opoids when I spoke with him and the Wonderful Judge Hill. I thought like most when this started they would investigate bad doctors and Pill Mills, but leave good doctors alone. We never guessed Trump would allow the CDC and DEA to tell our doctors what they could do. A one size fits all, but apparantly just for Medicare patients. The Pain Clinic's are a joke. No exam by anyone. The doctor is usually not even there cause he can just. electronically call in our scripts. We are not talking about kids here. They are now easily getting Herion! And still ODing. Taking away medicine in Chronic Pain is not winning the war on drugs. If anything you are creating a new bigger problem. Alcohol is selling faster than ever. This is a subject that is talked about around many family get togethers. A candiate will emerge that appeals to these Chronic Pain Patients, that are suffering and they are a larger # than elected Trump! Our Reps. not caring are being looked at too. I would ask you to contact or FB ATIPS, as he has been researching this for over 20 years, and his published papers and public interviews. You only show one side of this issue. Abortion, gun control, everything else always gives equal time to issues. This Republican may very well be voting a straight Dem. Ticket this year. I miss my grandson and #Imissme!

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