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Trump Praises Barr After Roger Stone Sentencing Reversal Leads 4 Prosecutors to Quit - Do You Share His Praise?
by Axios
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  • Alice
    Voted Oppose

    Seems there are two standards for wrong doers. The rich get light sentences while the average Joe gets a severe punishment for a lesser crime. Make Roger Stone pay for his misdeeds. He's been found guilty and the sentencing guidelines were met. If average Joe were to be sentenced, he'd do far more than the original sentence Roger Stone might have been given. Stop this President from meddling in court cases. Stop this President from using the Attorney General's office as his personal attorney. Stop Barr from abusing his office. Say "no" to Trump for once. Especially you, McSally. Stop playing up to the no-good conman who is trying to turn into an autocrat.


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