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Jefferson: Our Constitution 'Wears a Mixed Aspect of Monarchy and Republicanism' – Are There Benefits to More Monarchy in the Mix?
by If You Can Keep It
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  • Laurie
    Voted No

    The Republican Senate had a chance to save us from this power drunk madman and they failed miserably. Now he is out for revenge against anyone who dared stand up to him and hold him accountable. This is not how our Constitution was intended to work. No one is above the law. No president or party was meant to have absolute power. Trump has not represented over half the country since day 1. He was put into office with over 3 million votes less than his opponent. He demonizes anyone who refuses to bow down and kiss his ass. He has consistently sided with Putin over his own intelligence agencies. He has lessened our standing in the free world by insulting our allies. He wants, demands complete control over all branches of government. He is a danger to everything this country represents and Republican Senators failed in their oath of office to protect the Constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic! Now at the ballot box citizens must speak with 1 united voice to remove this lawless president and all Republicans as they have enabled him. #VoteBlueToSaveAmerica

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