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Trump Praises Barr After Roger Stone Sentencing Reversal Leads 4 Prosecutors to Quit - Do You Share His Praise?
by Axios
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  • BNSonger
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    I am aware that within the DOJ there were some career people who felt the original sentence recommendation was a bit heavy compared to other similar cases of the past. However, I am also aware that "white collar" crimes seldom receive sentences compared to crimes committed by blue color or itinerant individuals. It is high time that all men, created equal, also be treated equally. Therefore, the original sentencing recommendation should be upheld. That Barr and Trump got involved in some way, directly or indirectly, sends the wrong message: A message that here, in America, there is no Department of Justice capable of functioning with the trust of the American people. Also, Trump's comments are not worth considering since he is well-known for not being able to speak truth for more than a few minutes each 24-hour period.

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