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Jefferson: Our Constitution 'Wears a Mixed Aspect of Monarchy and Republicanism' – Are There Benefits to More Monarchy in the Mix?
by If You Can Keep It
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  • Steve
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    While our form of government has changed over the last 200+ years, the way we elect persons to lead us has not. We still have the Electoral College, we still have restrictions on who and how we vote, we still have only 2 political parties, we still have an inordinate focus on money (both legal and illegal), life long politicians with no term limits and on and on and on. Our failure is not the Constitution but an evolving and dynamic election process that removes the stagnation and party ‘machines’ and dark money. -Why don’t the radical ‘wing-nuts’ of both parties form different parties and the more moderate factions form parties that will be bipartisan in finding solutions? - why don’t we have federally mandated term limits for the Supreme Court and Congress? - Why don’t the people stand up to dark money and consultants that pay the politicians? This can go on-and-on, but until ‘we the people’ demand changes to the election process and political parties it’s just lips flapping in the breeze

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