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Barr Confirms DOJ has Created ‘Intake Process’ to Vet Giuliani’s Biden-Ukraine Info - Do You Support It?
by Causes
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  • Marilyn
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    Absolutely not, I do not agree with alot of things this DOJ is doing. The latest is the Roger Stone sentencing let alone everything else he is into including the Mueller report. He assumes his position as a personal attorney instead of we the people's American attorney. Good question; Who is he really working for? I especially do not like his (or who's?) religious views being used as a governmental tool to serve his (their) agenda. He is a DOJ and he doesn't know about that separation of church and state thing. I rest my opinion case. People such as he are bad for those who that have real faith and mine gave grave warnings about his ilk. Do your real job Mr. DOJ, many are leaving for a reason. Can you guess why? Do you care or do you have other agendas besides the people's business? Maybe suggested, infered. asked, requested, prodded?

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