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Trump Praises Barr After Roger Stone Sentencing Reversal Leads 4 Prosecutors to Quit - Do You Share His Praise?
by Axios
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  • Karen
    Voted Oppose

    HELL NO!!!!!!! And who says he’s not trying to be King???? Trump has ABSOLUTELY NO BUSINESS MESSING AROUND IN THE JUSTICE SYSTEM!!! And as far as the Fake Attorney General goes - don’t think that he’s not going to get away with his shenanigans scott-free either!! There will be disbarment and prosecution for enabling this criminal administration to commit Crimes Against the United States of America!! And I can’t wait to see it, Barr is a criminal himself. Everyone who becomes entangled in Trump’s web of deceit and traitorous actions are then, themselves ensnared either willingly or unwillingly. However, it doesn’t matter - a crime is a crime and we will get you in the end. Regardless of the Republican’s “Big Plan” with the Dark Money where the rich and powerful minority conservatives get to run the majority liberal middle class and poor in America they have been secretly working on for the last 25 years. Why do you think Moscow Mitch is so adamantly appointing as many young conservative Judges as he can before their plan becomes more mainstream and more people find out just exactly how crooked and rotten these nasty Republicans play the Game of Politics? So they can stay in power and the Minority can Control the Majority.

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