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Trump Praises Barr After Roger Stone Sentencing Reversal Leads 4 Prosecutors to Quit - Do You Share His Praise?
by Axios
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  • Malcom
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    It is truly disturbing to me that we have a president that is openly committing wrong doings and not respecting the rule of law and norms associated with the office. It is equally disturbing to me that most republicans in the house and senate have elected to suppport the president in everything he does. Republicans turn a blind eye to the facts and condone the president regardless of whatever actions he committees. I do not believe that Trump puts America above his own self interest. In addition, I believe that the president is compromised by foreign powers. This is truly a sad day for the country. I ask myself constantly what do republicans stand for? Where have the Ronald Reagan republicans gone? Are republicans trying represent the best interest of the entire country or are they only focused on maintaining power? If my assessment of reality is wrong please provide me with additional insight.

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