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2020 New Hampshire Primary: Yang is Out, Sanders is Win
by Causes
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  • Corinne
    Voted Apathetic

    I feel annoyed. Although I appreciate Bernie's stances, I am very concerned that he has allowed a cult-like following to develop around him--people who are rigid in their thinking. Although I doubt were he elected that this would evolve as Trump's following has done, I am concerned about going in that direction. I would prefer a leader who shows more flexibility and warmth than does Bernie. I am confused about why when Elizabeth, who advocated for many of the same stands explained how she would pay for them, she suddenly went down in the polls and Bernie went up. Wouldn't people appreciate someone who not only takes bold stands but figures out how they can be implemented? Too often politicians tout all of these grandiose ideas that can never happen, but do not receive consequences. Why is that we punish someone who takes a idea to the next step, showing the actual potential of implementation? I am also quite leery of Pete, because of his inexperience. We have had plenty of inexperienced presidents, from Carter to Clinton to Bush 43; I prefer someone with more legislative background. As wish us wisdom as we go forward, thinking about the long term well-being of the country as a whole.

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