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Barr Confirms DOJ has Created ‘Intake Process’ to Vet Giuliani’s Biden-Ukraine Info - Do You Support It?
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  • Bobbie
    Voted Oppose

    This is another example of bending to the will of Trump. If Republicans wanted an investigation of Biden and Ukraine why didn’t they do it when they controlled both House and Senate? It’s said they can’t trust what’s coming out of Ukraine yet during impeachment it was said Ukraine said there was no pressure and we were to believe what we were told then.It can’t be both ways. Now the DOJ is stepping into the Roger Stone sentencing. When did elected officials become so spineless that they are turning their backs and letting Trump run all three branches of government. Those who are licking his boots and stroking his ego for their own benefit will own the consequences of his actions. Where is the Republican Party? Apparently they’ve left Washington and left the lights on for the rodents running the country.


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