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'Socialism Destroys Nations' and Other Key Takeaways From Trump’s State of the Union Address
by Causes
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  • Dartagnon
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    I doubt that tRump can SPELL Socialism but he sure knows how to ACCUSE others of being Socialist while tRump continues to ignore his campaign promise to build up INFRASTRUCTURE in America, but it seems he would rather build bombs and missiles and carrier ships despite the fact that $890 billion would build a great many bridges and new freeways and also get repairs going on the Power Grid. Too bad tRump can only concentrate on ONE PROBLEM per day unlike most who can process 15 items daily. tRump's body is getting huge but his brain continues to be his smallest part. WHY? America DESERVES BETTER! get rid of tRump and rid ourselves of excessive uncontrolled spending with NO REGARD AS TO WHERE ARE WE GOING TO GET THE MONEY??? It's time for reputable gov't and someone who can authorize such enormous expenditures, such as Congress who is SPOSED to give tRump the money but instead tRump STEALS THE MONEY and the Senate has to cover for their ignorant and errant child. tRump is a WART on the economy and he sucks the treasury dry every time he considers these extravagant wastes of capital, not to mention him pushing his own businesses over and above the United States of America, but that is mostly tRump ignorance of anything as complicated as the USA ... no place for a Casino Operator. Perhaps the Indians will be able to employ tRump in their casinos but tRump is such a financial Sieve that no one wants to get near him. The Senate was bought off so now it is UP TO THE PEOPLE to enforce the Constitution and boot this leech out of the White House but he won't qualify for food stamps bc he will have to show that he has a means of support, which is against the law so the answer is NO FOOD STAMPS for tRump!! Tsk Tsk. Time to VOTE tRUMP TO THE CURB and say NO MORE Mr. tRump. No more BS ... no more lies, no more stealing, no more thwarting the LAw of the LAnd ... ergo NO MORE tRUMP in 2020 MAGA

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