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Gallup: Americans’ Satisfaction With the Country’s Direction at Highest Point Since 2005 - Do You Agree?
by Causes
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  • Donna

    I see this country going in the wrong direction! The economy really hasn't improved. We really aren't any safer from terrorism. In fact, domestic terrorism is on the increase! I've watched money being taken from Social Security and Medicare, things I've invested in since my first job, when I was 14, and now I'm a senior. This was never the government's money to play with! The government was to protect and add to our investment, not take from it, even though Republicans believe it to be an unnecessary government expenditure! I've watch as our Constitution has been ignored or trampled on. There are concentration camps at our border, no different than those Hitler first started prior to the death camps. No we are not headed in the right direction! We need a 28th Amendment which stops allowing Congress to give themselves benefits that American people don't get, since they have given themselves a great healthcare program, they earn their salaries even after they leave office, and have a retirement program better than any we have! These thing they have given themselves must be removed, and they must get the same as other Americans get! Gifts from Lobbyists must also stop. The people elected the House Members and Senators to represent them, not the corporation or group that gives them gifts to buy their vote. This kind of corruption MUST be REMOVED from our government, and our Constitution followed. What we have seen since 2016 has been one violation of the Constitution after another. This too must be stopped. I am not happy with the direction this country has taken. Isolationism is our worst enemy in solving world problems!


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