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Dershowitz: 'The President Has the Power That Kings Have Never Had' - Is America a Monarchy? Should it Be?
by If You Can Keep It
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    In my opinion Alan Dershowitz should be charged with treason and be subjected to its penalty. I stand in agreement with the US Constitution's signers William Samuel Johnson Roger Sherman Gunning Bedrord Jr. John Dickinsin George Read William Few Abraham Baldwin Daniel Carroll Daniel Jenifer James McHenry Nathaniel Gorham Rufus King Nicholas Gilman John Langdon Alexander Hamilton Jonathan Dayton William Livingston William Patersin William Blount Hugh Wiiamson Richard Dobbs Spaight George Clymer Thomas Fitzsimons Benjamin Franklin Jared Ingersoll Thomas Mifflin Gouverneur Morris Robert Morris James Wilson Pierce Butler Charles Pinckney John Rutledge James Madison, Jr. George Washington

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