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Barr Confirms DOJ has Created ‘Intake Process’ to Vet Giuliani’s Biden-Ukraine Info - Do You Support It?
by Causes
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  • Kathy
    Voted Oppose

    The House need to bring up impeachment charges against Barr. He has made it perfectly clear he’s is Individual#1 lawyer and not the AG for the people who pays his salary. If any other Administration had been doing this undermining of the people will the BS Republicans Party would be up in arms. What happened to the Tea Party who claimed former President Obama was taking away their rights and walking over the Constitution? I guess we now know that also was BS paid for impart by the Koch Brothers and other ultra rich who want to run government to benefit themselves. I guess Giuliani still mad with Biden for calling him “ A word, a vowel and 911” when he was running for President. By the way Giuliani didn’t do one damn thing any other Mayor would have done after 911. It live in New York so I know his record.

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