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Gallup: Americans’ Satisfaction With the Country’s Direction at Highest Point Since 2005 - Do You Agree?
by Causes
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  • Phyllis

    I have spent years traveling the United States. Everywhere I went I always made a point of engaging with people in the communities and cities I traveled. Since 2016, I have reached out to friends from parts of the country to explore their opinions of the current political landscape. The results have been staggering. I have found few. if any, of the professional friends I have voted for Trump. But in most all cases they know or have family who did. The one thing you tend to find is these people tend to be highly suggestible and/or their worldview is very small. This could contribute to the fact, that some Trump voters, are a direct result of the repeated insistence that "alternative facts" are true. The items on this list reflect a subjective poll. I care about spreadsheets with data over a period of time and then graphed. Hard cold facts! I know my household expenses versus my SSI raise tells a very different story. I go back to that Paul Ryan's statement at the time of the tax Bill, that you just might have to do without that "new iphone" or Mnuchin's comment that you could "remodel your kitchen". Well, my old iphone is out of date and my Mac is now gone because it will no longer load security updates. I need a new stove, microwave and refrigerator. Oh, and the stove and microwave are fire hazards. My car needs about $5000 worth of work. I have not had a new pair of glasses in almost 4 years. What I got in tax returns won't even pay for a pair of glasses. And my new and improved Trump insurance has a $1600 "cost sharing" deductible. And that is just a start. People who believe this is a better economy is associated less with hard facts and more about being singled out and co-opted into believing a lie. This is a very common tactic of authoritarians who gaslight and distract suggestable people. So in case you have any doubt, no, the economy is not better and no, I don't think we need an authoritarian monarchy. We need an intelligent, work oriented, politically savvy, problem solving president. Not an orange painted very stable genius.

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