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Trump's Budget Proposal: Do You Support Cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security?
by Axios
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  • Chris
    Voted No

    I wouldn’t support trump as the guy who puts rubbers on termites so they don’t f*ck up the wood. Yeah, that’s a republican dream. The money is just sitting there already collected from the dummies “us” and it just makes their palms sweat and gets their little peepee’s hard thinking about it. But that’s our dam money. We put it there for a reason. We need our money for our retirement. Politicians don’t have to worry about what they will use to live on. They get a sweet deal for being a politician and the last thing they worry about is money. Unless of course the Bahamas raises their prices on winter getaways. Trump can go to h*ll and wait, my accountant.

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