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The DC: Americans' satisfaction with the U.S. is at its highest point since 2005, and... 👑 Would you consider an American monarchy?
by Causes
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  • singinghawk926

    Why is this stupid question even on Countable? What AMERICAN in their right mind would even CONSIDER a monarchy?? Sorry, Countable, but for once I am VERY disappointed in you! I will not even dignify your first question with an answer!!😡 As regards the economy being rated “highest since 2005”.... first of all, the economic indicators we have been using since WWII have never been a fair measure of how the American people are experiencing and participating in the “economy “. These numbers were designed to reflect how BUSINESS is experiencing the economic climate. What the total of We the People experience, to the extent anyone in politics or in business even care, is NOT reflected accurately in these numbers, and it is time we admitted it, and find a way to measure it properly! Secondly, a significant percentage of the American people right now are NOT experiencing this wonderful economy at all. And since that percentage have an established history of not voting because they have internalized the understanding that nobody in politics or business gives a damn what they want or need, are unlikely to show up at the polls and make their true feelings known by voting! Lastly, your wording of this question leaves out the main reason for the economy now functioning at an improved level: the 44th President and his Congress had the courage to address the 2007-08 fiscal crisis with massive bailouts for those very corporations, Wall St. financiers, auto makers and banks that never have, never will have the needs and concerns of We the People as an element of their agendas! #45 and his administration are touting their ‘tremendous success’ without having had much in the way of actual effect on how it was achieved. His disastrous China trade policy has benefited a few key supporters, but the majority of working people and farmers have seen no benefit at all. As this is an election year, and since positive economic indicators will favor the incumbent, this election will prove challenging. But the ‘numbers’ do not in any way account for the pissed off Americans who will likely go to the polls!!

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