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Gallup: Americans’ Satisfaction With the Country’s Direction at Highest Point Since 2005 - Do You Agree?
by Causes
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  • Sylvia

    Oh but what about the Dow?? Fuck the Dow! And your 401k! We are engaged in so many wars right now, where we ruin and displace millions of civilians just so we can drive our prices down. We support brutal corporate dictators the world over, profiting off the impoverished people overseas where we’ve shipped all our jobs off to. Our country is the leader in wanton ecological disruption, pushing the planet past the brink in ways we will watch our children suffer for. We have repeatedly publicly denounced people simply for being gay or trans, we cast out our fellow Americans for being black, or Jewish, or poor. We exalt they wealthy who exploit us at every turn, giving them free reign to oppress us under the thin guise of liberty. We’ve given a carte blanche to our future leaders to commit any crimes they want and call it the public interest. The people are not in power and our country is the poster child for modern fascism. We will watch our children pay the price in the twilight of our lives.

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