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Trump Justifies Removing Alexander Vindman for Being 'Insubordinate'
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  • Gerry
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    He should’ve been removed day one but nobody knew or at least President Trump did not know that he was undermining him every opportunity. He has many of the others work at the pleasure of the president. There is no discussion about it just as there are many employers who do you work at the will of the employer they don’t need a reason to get rid of you. So this loser need to quit sniveling. President Trump should’ve fired the jerk completely and removed him out of the government entirely which would’ve been within his right to do so which is what I think should’ve been done. Vindeman thought he was above the President and that he didn’t have to comply with orders and only follow his own agenda. It doesn’t work that way. He should’ve been stripped of all of his metals and given the boot along time ago.


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