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Trump Justifies Removing Alexander Vindman for Being 'Insubordinate'
by Axios
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  • Marylynn
    Voted Oppose

    There's absolutely no justification for the firing of LTC Vindman or Gordon Soundland, it was retribution for testifying against the corrupt lowlife in the White House. This is why no one in his party will testify/vote against him because they know he'll be very vindictive. It's really sad that Trumpublican lawmakers lack a backbone, 'cause they've let the lowlife escape justice and he'll rub their noses in it every single day. Susan Collins, your comment about Comrade Bone Spurs seeking retribution by firing the witnesses is laughable. You had your chance to hold this dirtbag accountable and you didn't. Shame on every one of you Trumpublican lawmakers. Watch your back, 'cause you'll never know when Bone Spurs is going to stick it to you...

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