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ICE Is Fingerprinting Teen Migrants - Do You Support the Policy?
by Axios
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    @burrkitty, regarding "[The law] is the law. " May I respectfully remind you that not all laws are proper and just, so why automatically and blindly obey them? You probably already know that there is a long history of Civil Disobedience. It goes back at least to Ancient Greeks. See This is neither ill-considered, nor lawlessness, nor anarchy. Think Martin Luther King, Jr. and Gandhi and their followers. Moses and his followers might qualify as well. So do the American Revolutionaries. The various “underground" movements during the Civil War, the "World" Wars, etc. We also have corrupt means to circumvent unjust laws. Number one being corruption such as the selection application of law, number two being the corrupt of paying off enforcers of the law. Further, we have informal, playful resistence through the history of the Jester. My current favorite is Grouch Marx. I think its one of Trump's too especially with respect to the Obama Administration. Listen carefully. See Much current late night comedy is filling that role. Draw inspiration from those movies like "Casablanca" and its portrayal of the so-called "resistance," or Chaplin‘s "The Great Dictator.“ I hope America doesn't become “Tomainia.”

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