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Trump Justifies Removing Alexander Vindman for Being 'Insubordinate'
by Axios
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  • Susan
    Voted Oppose

    Well, trump is still trump...vengeful and petty...when he feels someone has been disloyal to him. Firing a patriot like Lt.Col. Vindman, who did the right thing in testifying at the House Impeachment hearings, is beyond reason. It only shows how insecure and hateful trump really is. I knew when trump was not convicted by the Senate, he would have a “hit list” and to do something to punish those who testified against him. And then he fires Lt.Col. Vindman’s twin brother, too. That was totally insane and unjustified, but then we are talking about trump. I hope that my state’s representative (david joyce) and senator (portman) think long and hard about backing such an evil, incompetent man. They put trump over country. I’m just glad I have one senator (Sherrod Brown) who is a patriot like Lt.Col. Vindman.

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