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Trump Justifies Removing Alexander Vindman for Being 'Insubordinate'
by Axios
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  • Delyla
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    You fired him because you don’t want others to go against you. Here spoke the truth and your reaction was to fire him and tweet. Trump is a disgrace to our country. If you go against Trump you get fired and then he tweets disgraceful comments about you. This guy had a Purple Heart, told the truth under oath, and advocated for what was right. I wish the senate did their job and they didn’t. I knew the senate wasn’t going to uphold their end to the constitution and oaths to office. Trump is a big baby and is ruining our country. Thank you to Lt. Col. Vindman and all the others who spoke out and told the truth. Thank you to the ones who upheld their oaths of office and the constitution. They didn’t let Trump silence them. I wish all of you did the same and I know you won’t because you are all about the money and being in Trump’s pocket. Karma always comes back. Thank you for failing America.

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