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Trump Justifies Removing Alexander Vindman for Being 'Insubordinate'
by Axios
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  • verymary
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    While the Democratic Party wrings its hands and frets over Iowa and who can debate best, Donald Trump holds America’s head under water. Every day that he’s in office, somebody dies because our President has been annoyed or offended or slighted or inconvenienced. Every day that he’s in office, our country dies. Our planet dies. He’s such a big fat orange combination of evil and incompetence that the universe is dying at his whim. I want Adam Schiff for President. I want Elizabeth Warren or Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders or Pete Buttigieg or Amy Klobuchar for President. I want Andrew Yang or Michael Bennet or Cory Booker or Kamala Harris or Julian Castro or Kirsten Gillibrand or Beto O'Rourke. I want Mike Bloomberg or Tom Steyer to set aside his money for a few years and be President. I want Charlie Dent or Jeff Flake or Mitt Romney or Angus King or Ben Cardin or Mark Warner or Sheldon Whitehouse. I want some guy who played the President on TV or in a movie or a crummy commercial to be President. I want my student Willie or my friend Pam for President. I want Barack Obama’s cousin for President. I want the nice lady who rides the elevator with me every morning for President. I want me for President. Donald Trump has to go! He’s the foulest kind of cancer, and he has to go and, with him, the Senate and the Department of Justice and the elected officials of the six states that abolished their Republican primaries and everybody who has lied or mercilessly attacked Trump's "enemies" or held zero press conferences for him. And his creepy, crass, immoral relatives have to go. Colonel Vindman and his brother, however — they get to stay. There’s always room in our country and our government for decorated war heroes who tell the truth under fire. And Marie Yovanovitch gets to stay. In fact, I want Ambassador Yovanovitch for President. I want Lin-Manuel Miranda for President. Or the Dalai Lama. Surely he’s an American citizen at heart. Greta Thunberg can't meet the minimum-age requirement, but otherwise...

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