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On Labels and 'A Cool Newcomer': Key Quotes From February's Democratic Debate
by Causes
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  • jimK
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    Ticktock: All ethical voters should be outraged by the tactic of any political party using campaign funds in order to split the vote for an opponent. Yet, many accept this as being just politics. Our founders and the Framer's were remarkably insightful in anticipating the many ways our free and fair elections could be corrupted, but could never have imaged the use of massive private funds to overturn the will of the electorate. You have highlighted a key argument for getting special interest money, hell all private money, out of politics. Money corrupts, Massive amounts of money corrupts massively. This goes straight to an underlying problem in our society that says: If ain't specifically illegal, then it is OK - regardless if it is right or wrong; regardless if it violates the intentions of the law or the will of the people. Thanks for highlighting a common political practice that's come to be expected despite how fundamentally wrong that it is.

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